SDCC 2014: Robot Chicken and Mr. Pickles production team interview

Robot Chicken has been on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim for quite some time, and we were extremely lucky to be able to speak with their production team at San Diego Comic-Con.

Third Interstellar trailer gives us more clues

There’s a lot of mystery surrounding Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, but here’s the third trailer that might shed some more light on the subject. Earth is in really bad shape, with

Noah Blu-ray review

The story of Noah should be a familiar one for many. God tells Noah to build an ark and fill it with animals. Why? Apparently mankind has been naughty and

Videogame BANG! Episode 42: EA Access / Gamestop Credit Card

Shave your plates and cook your kazoos, because Videogame BANG! is back and ready to tell it like it is. We have some HUGE stories to talk about this week,

Steelseries: Siberia Elite WoW Edition for Warlords of Draenor announced!

Our 2013 Headset of The Year, the Steelseries: Siberia Elite is getting an aggressive makeover in anticipation of the next World of Warcraft expansion, Warlords of Draenor. We already loved the original,

Batman: Assault on Arkham clip, plus DCU Animated lineup for 2015

If you weren’t able to attend San Diego Comic-Con to attend the world premiere screening of Batman: Assault on Arkham, then you won’t have to wait longer to catch it on

Watch out, Sharknado, here comes Volcanine and Earthquack

Sharknado 2 aired on Syfy recently, and the world is now a better place because of it. If you can’t get enough of killer animals, then check out the parody

PS Plus members get 6 free games for August including Dragon’s Crown and Crysis 3

It’s another great month to be a PlayStation Plus member. For the month of August, subscribers will be getting six free games, with some of the games being available for

Jimmy Kimmel shames cosplayers with sexual questions

Jimmy Kimmel has many segments where he sends his crew to events and makes random people look stupid. For San Diego Comic-Con, his crew asked nerds and cosplayers about their

Disney puts a modern twist on fairy tales with new ‘Into the Woods’ trailer

Disney has just released the trailer for Into the Woods, based on a Broadway musical that brings a modern twist into the Brothers Grimm fairy tales. It follows tales such as Cinderella

SDCC 2014: Square Enix, Keen Games and Deep Silver show off Nosgoth, Sacred 3 and Escape Dead Island

San Diego Comic-Con may be mainly about the comics and cosplay, but in the past few years, video games have been a major part of this geeky wonder. We were

SDCC 2014: The Walking Dead’s cast and crew talk about season 5

With the release of the season 5 trailer, The Walking Dead are expected to deal with reuniting the entire team, dealing with cannibals at Terminus, taking a guy to Washington

SDCC 2014: A Rick and Morty interview

Rick and Morty is pretty much my favorite show, EVER. So when we got the opportunity to sit down and interview some of the masterminds behind it, I nearly cried.

SDCC 2014: Falling Skies, see what’s coming in 2014

Alien invasion has been quite the popular theme since the golden age of cinema. HG Wells’ The War of The Worlds popularized the genre for readers everywhere, but only about 60

SDCC 2014: The Last Ship, we dive deeper into this fresh series

Ironic, how a Russian was sent to cover a show where his own kind are the villains. Although, I am somewhat used to this; terrible accents and poor translation have

DIGIMON All-Star Rumble launches November 11th

Do you enjoy playing Smash? Were you a fan of PlayStation All-Stars? Are you a fan of Digimon? If yes, then you’re in luck because Bandai Namco has an important announcement just

SDCC 2014: Anatomy of a Superhero! Musical Score Composer interviews

Our favorite superhero movies are always accompanied with beautiful musical scores. These pieces either inspire us, or help us to understand the character’s emotions, or portray what the scene is

Tuxedo Mask gets a taste of reality in this hilarious video

Check out this funny sketch video of Sailor Moon battling evil and getting support from Tuxedo Mask. What kind of support? A rose being thrown at. How does that help

SDCC 2014 Cosplay Music Video by Aggressive Comix

San Diego Comic-Con is over, but if you’re having convention withdrawal, have no fear, Aggressive Comix is here to save the day. Check out their San Diego Comic-Con Cosplay Music

Selling junk comic books at San Diego Comic-Con

So we did a little experiment to see if people would buy my junk comic books at San Diego Comic-Con. Here are the results. Shot and edited by Mauricio Portillo.