Why you should watch TNT’s The Last Ship

the-last-ship-tntTNT’s The Last Ship is a post-apocalyptic TV show starring Eric Dane (Grey’s Anatomy) and Adam Baldwin, aka Agent John Casey from Chuck and Cobb from Firefly. It airs on Sundays at 9/8C and the synopsis is as follows.

“After a global pandemic kills 80 percent of the world’s population, the crew (consisting of 217 men and women) of a lone unaffected U.S. Navy guided missile destroyer, the fictional USS Nathan James (DDG-151), must try to find a cure and stop the virus in order to save humanity.”


Now that the basics are out of the way, why should you spend 60 minutes a week, or 42 minutes with a DVR, to watch this show? Well based on the 2 stars I named above, any nerd can enjoy this show as well as any normal person. It has great action sequences, tons of Baysplosions (yes, Michael Bay is the producer), and has a storyline which is easy to follow and interesting enough to keep you wanting more.

Nerd Reactor screened the first four episodes together, and without giving too much away, we would consider it a cross between Y: The Last Man, Helix, and Jericho. Besides fighting the cure, they are being chased by one of the greatest Navy commanders who happens to be Russian, creating an almost political subtext. They are also trying to find food, supplies, and non-infected people and travel to places including Guantanamo Bay where they face some pretty pissed off once-water boarded terrorist suspects.

Some people have complained that this show is nothing new, but it’s a fresh spin on this kind of genre and has a cast with the acting chops to follow. But we did find 2 issues with the show which kind of worry us.

The first issue we had was with the character Danny Green, but not the actor Travis Van Winkle, who we remember as the bully/jock from the first Transformers film. Danny Green is the leader of the Seal team who compromises his mission and allies for love, which we would never think a Navy Seal would do.

The second issue with the show…


Those are pretty much the only issues with the show that we have so far after watching the first 4 episodes, which leads us to believe that this show will be something worth following.

An interesting fact about the show is that it was actually filmed on a Navy Ship which is docked in San Diego (shot between 2 ships, the Dewey and Mitra) which creates authenticity to the story being told. If you are a fan of Navy firepower, then you will really enjoy what this show does to display the firepower behind the ships.

So if you are looking for an action packed show with a great story line as well I would definitely recommend watching The Last Ship.

4.5/5 Atoms

NR 4_5 Atoms - A-

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