Salem: ‘Cat and Mouse’ review


There are only two episodes left in this season, and it’s getting better and better. This past episode was a bit slow, but I think they wanted to create the anticipation on what’s going to happen to poor, innocent John Alden. We see Mary, Cotton, Anne and even Magistrate Hale try to save John from Increase’s wrath, but it all comes to down this; Increase is smarter than all of them.

Mary’s Journey

We see Mary trying to convince Increase to have the town’s Selectmen decide John’s fate to go to trial. She thinks she could use her husband’s voting power in favor of saving John, but when they all come together to vote, Increase brings George, who is still mute, to vote by spitting in favor of putting John to trial. Damn, George ruined it for Mary. Mary starts to freak out and goes to John to try to save him, but John decides to stay and face the trial.

SalemThroughout this episode, we begin to see Mary’s good side coming out when interacting with Isaac and John, but we are reminded of the bad when she manipulates Mercy’s emotions to try to kill Increase. Poor Mercy is eating it up too. Using Isaac to draw out Increase into the woods, Mercy and Increase have an epic battle. The FX in the fight scenes were really great. The branches coming from the ground to grab Increase looked so realistic. I applaud the camera work.

Between Mary and Increase, I can’t wait to see the dynamic between them in the next two episodes. They play all nice in front of each other, but they really define being two-faced.

Anne’s Path to Witchery

Anne is really growing on me as a character. At first, I thought of her as this lovesick do-gooder who really felt one-dimensional. But this episode, she really is beginning to grow as a character. After her father refuses to tell her anything, she goes to Increase, who basically ignores her. Her father later sucks it up and tells her his origins as a witch. She runs off to talk to Cotton to learn more about witches. Then she comes back home and learns from her father that she, too, is a witch. Well… that was unexpected. I like the dynamics between father and daughter. She’s struggling between her love for her father and his revelation as a witch. Tazmin Merchant does a really good job holding these emotions. Girl… you a witch. Deal with it. I really hope she sticks with this maturity and not go back to being a whiny daughter.

Father vs Son

This was probably my favorite part of the episode. Whenever Cotton and Increase interact, you can just feel the intensity between the two. Stephen Lang and Seth Gabel are just Salemreally intense actors in general. The best scenes are between the two of them, especially their argument in the church. Gabel plays a good emotional drunk who just had enough with his strict father. Now, Cotton is going to be defending John in trial against his father. They are just making it end badly between the father and son duo. Lang really deserves an award for his portrayal as Increase. He’s just really amazing. I hate his character so much, but the way Lang portrays him, I just can’t help to also like him immensely. You can’t help but also cheer for him.

This episode wasn’t as memorable as the other episodes, but it did help give some context in Magistrate Hale’s history, Mary’s true feelings, and the Cotton/Increase dynamic. The battle scene was pretty good, but the interaction between Cotton and Increase was the most interesting. I can’t wait to find out more next week. Honestly, I just want to see more of Cotton and Increase’s battling.

Rating: 4/5 Atoms

NR 4 Atoms - B

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