Nosgoth still better than Twilight – Plus beta codes giveaway


At E3 this year I had the pleasure of meeting some of the minds behind the hot new, free-to-play, action-based PVP game, Nosgoth. Nosgoth is a Square Enix game that pits players against each other in an old fashioned Vampire vs. Human death match. The game is a spiritual successor of sorts to the Legacy of Kain franchise.

Nosgoth is currently in closed beta, but we were able to get hands on with the game at E3 and were sent home with a few beta codes so that we could further be immersed in the game, and I can happily report that although this isn’t the game to blow the doors off of the video game world, it is quite fun.

In talking with the developers, one of the things I found most refreshing was the teams’ commitment to truly value the opinion and feedback from the community. I really got the sense that this is a team that wants to create an environment or culture that is community based. Given the strides and improvements that have been made to the game just in the last few months, they are walking the walk.

As I mentioned before the game is free to play, and it is also controller compatible. The vampire-human bloodbath is extremely accessible, the game did not take a significantly long acclimation period, and matches are varied enough where no two matches are the same. Combat is fairly simple yet players that master combos and keep a balanced team composition are definitely rewarded.

nosgoth 2

In my time with the game, it still very much feels like a beta, with the occasional glitch, but I’ve experienced nothing game breaking thus far. One thing that I will note as my biggest complaint is the balance of power between human and vampire. In most matches the Vampires are frustratingly more powerful, and on top of that more interesting to play as. With time those balances will be more and more refined, but it’s my hope that they will also maybe add some more intriguing human builds that can spark some new life to that faction.

It’s clear that the best days of Nosgoth are in front of it. This is a strong development team that has the best interest of the fans in mind, because they themselves are pretty hardcore fans of the game. They are aiming to make Nosgoth a staple of the budding e-sports movement we know today. If you would like to sign up and get your hot little hands on Nosgoth’s closed beta you can on the official website here:

We’re also giving away 10 beta codes for Nosgoth here. In the comment section below, simply let us know what faction you side on, humans or vampires, and why. The giveaway ends July 7th.

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