Gran Turismo 6 concept cars from Nissan and Aston Martin come to life

aston-dp100-2-1Get ready for two new jaw-dropping and amazing-looking cars for Gran Turismo 6. In July gamers will be able to race two new concept cars. One will be Nissan’s Concept 2020 Vision Grand Turismo, a redesign of the iconic Nissan GT-R, known to many as “Godzilla.” The second concept car coming from Aston Martin, known around the world for supplying cars to double-o spies like James Bond. Both concepts look absolutely amazing, and soon gamers will be able to race both these rides.

It’s always interesting to see what car designers can do when they have no rules and can just let their imagination go wild. The 2020 GT-R concept looks nothing like its current 2015 GT-R brother. This 2020 concept looks more like something from iRobot and Minority Report. It looks like it’s ready to break land speed records without breaking a sweat, and then take you to the office in the afternoon. And while designed for Grand Turismo 6, Nissan did manage to also make a full scale model to show off at the Goodwood festival of Speed this week in the UK.

Aston Martin hasn’t built a full size model of their concept vehicle, but that doesn’t mean they took on the project lightly. The company put all efforts to designing the concept car as they were actually going to put it on the road today. What they came up with was its Design Prototype 100 Vision Grand Turismo Concept, DP-100 for short. While the name doesn’t sound as appealing as a DB9, DBS, or Vanquish, when you look at this car all you’ll want to do is race it. While you can easily identify the iconic Aston Martin grill at the front and tail lights at the back, the rest of the vehicle looks like something you’d probably see in some anime cartoon racing into the night.

Now don’t take my word for it, take a look at the videos and gallery below and judge for yourself on these amazing looking rides.

Source: Autoblog, Nissan, Goodwood

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