5 Easter eggs you may have missed in Watch Dogs

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Watch Dogs includes some celebrity cameos and many Easter eggs. Below are just but a few that can be found in the open world of Chicago. There may be more, but these were found through some of my gameplay and throughout the net.

First one is Aisha Tyler. I first found her by hacking into a security feed in one of the buildings. We get a nice bit of info about her passion and her occupation as a Comedian, Actor, Talk Show Host and Author.


Next one up is Malcolm from Malcolm in the Middle. Life is unfair.


Then we have Bruce Wayne. Why is the alley dark? Hmmmm.


Bruce Wayne again, but this time I don’t know the validity of this picture. A friend just sent it to me. The picture on his avatar does not seem to fit the mold of the others.


Then we have professional race car driver Brad Keselowski.


And here’s a very spoilerish Easter egg if you didn’t beat Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag.

Remember Olivier Garneau? Well, now we know what happened to him.


If you have one that I don’t have, throw it up in the comments section and we’ll update it as we go.

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