star_wars_writers_7_8_9In a sudden stunning change of directorial duties, Disney has released Rian Johnson as the director for Star Wars Episode VIII. This is a shocker for fans of Star Wars and fans of Rian Johnson’s work. When asked about the reasoning behind the release, Disney CEO Bob Iger stated this:

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It is with sad regret, we have had to part ways prematurely with Mr. Johnson. Although I am a fan of his work, his current passion to add an unwelcomed character to this future production, cannot happen. There’s too much baggage accompanying it.

Unwelcomed character? What is Mr. Iger talking about? We caught up with Rian Johnson in New York to find out what exactly caused the sudden rift between Disney and himself.


It’s simple really. I want to bring back Jar Jar Binks. [chuckles] What? You think I’m kidding? He’s actually one of the strongest characters ever created by George Lucas. He had so much potential, but unfortunately George decided that he would give Jar Jar the speech impediment of a bullfrog. I was going to change that! I wanted to redeem Jar Jar’s honor and make him a strong reliable character. Unfortunately the higher ups were heavily opposed to him (Jar Jar) being written into the story. We had a disagreement, and now here I am – at a sidewalk food cart. One day you’re a director (himself) of one of the biggest franchises in movie history, the next, you’re sitting in the middle of New York waiting for your falafel to cook. I guess, MEESA OUTTA DA JOB! [chuckles to himself] Okay, get that recorder out of my face I need to eat.

Really, Rian Johnson? Jar Jar Binks? Of all the hated characters in Star Wars, I think Jar Jar was in that category by himself. Well here’s to wishing Rian Johnson luck in his future endeavors. I seriously wonder what’s going on in his mind if he thinks Jar Jar would make for a great return. I would have taken a massive Count Dooku all over the film if Jar Jar was in it.


Source: Didney Worl

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