Towerfall Ascension, Strider, Dead Space 3 and more free for PSN Plus in July

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Are you ready for another announcement of free games on PSN Plus? Of course you are. For the month of July, PS Plus members will get a total of 6 games for their Sony consoles.

The PlayStation 4 will have two free games: TowerFall Ascension and Strider.

towerFall ascension

TowerFall Ascension is an archery combat title that brings back couch gaming with friends. Play against your friends in versus matches while trying to gain the upper hand via power-ups and learning to catch arrows from the air.


Strider is the new adventures of Strider, bringing back the side-scrolling action from the classics.

For the PlayStation 3, we have Dead Space 3 and Vessel.

dead space 3 cover

Dead Space 3 is the more action-oriented of the series and includes co-op play with friends.


Vessel is a liquid simulation featuring water, lava, steam, chemicals, goo, ‘protoplasm’, and more.

For the PS Vita, we have Muramasa Rebirth and Doki-Doki Universe.

muramasa rebirth

Muramasa Rebirth, developed by Vanillaware, is an action RPG that features Japanese mythology and fast-paced action. You’ll be up against demon, samurai and other beings as your quest for the Demon Blades begins. You’ll be able to play as the possessed princess Momohime and fugitive ninja Kisuke.


Doki-Doki Universe is the cutest game of the bunch. Help QT3 discover humanity and meet quirky characters in 18 story planets.

Source: PS Blog

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