Salem Season 1 Episode 10 ‘The House of Pain’ (recap)


It begins with Increase Mather torturing himself and talking to God. It’s creepy. Stephen Lang, damn. He should win an award for Creepiest Bad-Ass Character.

The girls who killed Emily’s dad tosses his body out. They seem to be obsessed with Mercy, saying that she is always watching over them, like the spider. Mary is looking pissed trying to find a hidden Mercy, who just got Tituba arrested. Mary tried to grab Mercy but she disappeared and a spider appeared. Later on, Mary goes to Magistrate Hale and they talk about Titibua. Mary wants to release Tituba from the tortures from Increase. When she goes to him, she finds him replacing the prostitution house as a repenting house, known to everyone in the town as “The House of Pain”. Mary tries to convince Increase to release Tituba, but instead, he insults her and slightly implies she’s a witch.

Increase tries to scare Tituba with the cruel tactics. Cotton pleads with his father to not torture her. Increase begins the torture to get her to reveal names. Cotton runs away from the screams. He runs into the forest in a drunken stupor. He tries to kill himself but he cannot bear to do it. Instead, he continues his drunken stupor into the forest. He hears sounds in the forest and tries to fight off whatever he thinks is in the forest – with his shoe. He finds a deer skull with a butterfly coming out of it.

While Magistrate Hale is away, Anne sneaks into his room and finds his mask. When she salem 2looks into the mask, it sends her into the forest. Magistrate finds outs and goes to find her in the forest. Hale’s wife threatens him to find him or else she will tell everyone the truth. Anne thinks it’s a dream and tries to wake herself up, only to realize it’s not and be confronted by a Native American. Hale goes to John Alden to help find Anne. John finds tracks in the woods and finds Cotton, who is acting high. They continue searching for Anne and run into Native Americans. John talks to them in their native language and they saw Anne, but did not touch her. Anne is stuck in the forest still and scared. A voice talks to her “At last, you found a way home” and devil-like creature appears. Anne runs and finds John and her father. She looks at her father and wants to know the truth, but sees John and lies to John.

As Increase is continuing to torture Tituba. She tells him she is not a witch or a Puritan. salem 3She tells Increase her story as a Native American. She says she saw two red eyes peer at her as a child telling her, “Tituba, you are mine.” Increase interprets it as Satan talking to her and continues to torture her. We learn about her past when she first sailed to Salem in a cage. Hale buys Tituba and brings her to Mary’s family where she is taken care of. She tells Increase of her meetings in the dark woods with the kanaima (an evil spirit or a person possessed by an evil spirit believed by Indians of British Guiana and northwestern Brazil to be an avenger). She tried to pull to his compassionate side, that she is but a slave girl and nothing more. He pulls off his gloves to reveal damaged hands that was caused by witchery and continues to torture her. Tituba refuses to give up the name of her true love. Increase tries to get into her head by making her think if that she loved would do the same. He demands to know who is the leader. She whispers the name in his ear.

Increase comes to Mary with news of Tituba. He finds out that the chief witch was also salem 4Tituba’s lover. Mary looks freaked out as he continues to speak to her. He tells her he knows Mercy and her little entourage were witches. He tells her Tituba told her “John Alden” is the main witch. He tells Mary to come and watch the arrest. The entire crowd comes and arrests John Alden. He wants to know why and he finds out… for witchcraft. What?! Anne screams to release John Alden and he is put under arrest. Tituba wickedly smiles in her cell.

Shady… but true. If John wasn’t there, Tituba would have had Mary all to herself. Only three episodes left. So much could happen in three episodes! What’s going to happen to John? What about Mercy and her girls? Come on, Salem!

This episode was really suspenseful. You didn’t know what was going to happen between Increase and Tituba. I didn’t really care for the other stories as much as I did for Tituba’s dedication to Mary. Mary was horrible to Tituba, so I was expecting the worst. A part of me was hoping Tituba would say Cotton’s name and I thought she did for a second, but the John Alden thing was genius on her part. Why not get rid of the only person Mary loves? I can’t wait for next week.

Grade: A

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