Regular Show: The Complete Third Season (DVD review)

Regular Show_ S3_ DVD

WHOOOOOAAAAAA!!!! Cartoon Network’s very own Mordecai and Rigby’s season three antics are now available on DVD. For those unfamiliar with the off-beat, man-child world that J.G Quintel has created, I’m not sure that this collection of episodes is the absolute best place to start. For those already initiated, the season three collection packs 40 episodes into three DVDs that are a must-have for any fan of the show. Do you know who else is a must-have for any fan of the show??

The packaging of the episode is nothing entirely special, just your standard DVD packaging with a slick little cardboard sleeve. Only a small print out was included that has a list of which episodes were on which disc and what features were included. Already seeing a bulk of the season three episodes already, I was able to easily catch up on episodes that I had missed, but what was the most interesting was re-watching my favorite episodes while listening to commentary from the master mind, J.G., himself.

While this Season 3 collection isn’t loaded to the brim with features on top of features, what it does include was plenty enough to justify the asking price, unlike many other series collections these days. The creator offers a lot of behind-the-scenes tidbits during the commentary and the featurettes. After getting a glimpse into the mind of J.G. Quintel and the backstory of some of the episodes, I found myself just as much of a fan of him as I am the cartoon.

Fans of the show will not be disappointed with this DVD collection. Season three did a great job of exploring many of the side characters more in depth, like in one of my favorite episodes, “Rap it Up”, which focuses on the sometimes overlooked ‘Pops’ and also features the rapping of Donald Glover AKA Childish Gambino. So if you love Mordecai and the Rigbys, I mean Mordecai and Rigby, this set is for you. If you are still on the fence and unsure that this series is for you, I would start with the Slack Pack, or potentially the Season 1 and 2 collection as the episodes are not totally linear, there are a lot of inside jokes and a loose set of major events that progress the series.

4.5/5 Atoms

NR 4_5 Atoms - A-

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