E3 2014: What’s Wikipad?

Basic RGBThe Wikipad has been out for some time now, and if you’re not quite sure what the Wikipad is, then let me clue you in. Have you ever wanted to play your Steam triple A title on the go? Or how about your On Live service? PlayStation Now? Well the Wikipad can help you out.Wikipad

The Wikipad is a 7-inch gaming tablet that comes bundled with a controller attachment. It boasts an Nvidia Tegra quad core CPU, fifth battery optimizing core and its 12 core GPU. 2 megapixel front facing camera, 16GB with expandable storage, and an HDMI out port, all running on Android 4.2.2 jellybean. The Wikipad slides in and out of the controller attachment, giving you that gaming handheld feeling, or convert it to a regular tablet. The games run stream smooth with the three streaming services, and you get all of it for 200 dollars.

Wikipad-GameviceI got to speak with the president of sales, Fraser Townley, and he let me in on a little sneak peek on what the company is up to in the future. Wikipad has so far been an exclusive to the Android market, but the iPad will soon join the in with its own attachment. I got to play around with the iPad prototype and it felt really good in my hand. Nothing on the controller attachment felt to bulky or out of place. I was informed that tweaks and modifications are still being worked out but things look to be right on track for an iPad release.

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