Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods English trailer


A new English trailer is out for the new Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. In it they show the two new antagonists to the Dragon Ball Z world. The Anubis-like God of Destruction, who goes by the name Beerus, has come to Earth to find a challenger strong enough to fight him, and he brought along his companion, Whis. Beerus is only looking for a good fight and Whis has found someone worthy enough to battle Beerus.

I usually have a rule of not watching any dub anime, but I grew up watching Dragon Ball dub since it was much harder to get the Japanese-voiced anime. (Hearing the Japanese version just does not sit right with me.) That is why I am excited that they are bringing back some of the English voice actors that worked on the original US release.

I cannot wait to see this on the big screen!! Are you as pumped as I am?

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