Possibly the best Street Fighter music video ever!

Mantena e JP street fighter

Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Street Fighter movie is a guilty pleasure of mine, but so far we only have had one awesome and faithful Street Fighter adaptation to date. Now add this new music video to that list. Done by Brazilian duo Mantena & JP, they have created a very accurate portrayal of the Street Fighter series with their music video called “Street Fighter”. In the video, we see the duo as Ryu and Ken, with backup dancers filling in as Sagat, Guile and Chun Li. Everything about the video is amazing, from the high-production value to the accurate stances and moves. Trust me, this will be the best Street Fighter video you’ll ever see.

I’m just shocked that I haven’t found out about this video sooner.

Also, prepare for the best Mortal Kombat music video you’ll ever see.

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