E3 2014: Roundabout preview


Are you a fan of Crazy Taxi? How about puzzles? Well then No Goblin’s upcoming title is just for you. It’s called Roundabout and you are chauffeur Georgio Manos, expert limousine driver in this city with a twist. Now you may ask what makes Georigio such an expert? Well she is the world’s first revolving chauffeur. Now this may not seem so bad at first, but add in that the open world city is built like a maze and all the streets are 2-lane streets filled with cars and other obstacles, and you have a recipe for a challenging yet fun giant obstacle course. The game is all played from a top-down perspective so that you can plan out your path from point A to point B throughout multiple locales from the heart of the city, to construction zones and loading docks.


One of the coolest features of the game is every customer you pick up has a fully acted and voiced FMV (full-motion video) clip of the customer making small talk and telling you where they need to go and why. Of the multiple passengers I picked up and dropped off, each story was interesting to say the least.


There’s also multiple upgrades you can add to your limo as well as multiple other vehicles to unlock, each with their own special ability such as making your car narrower to squeeze through tight spots, or slowing down time. You are also able to customize your vehicle with different looks with the cash you earn by completing missions or by collecting stashes of cash laying around the city. You also earn points for completing missions and you can multiply your score with pick ups, running over pedestrians and performing sick jumps through various platforming segments of the city.

The full game will be available later this year on PC, and Xbox One for $14.99 but you can get into the early access for $9.99 now.

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