E3 2014: A look at Wargaming.net’s ‘World of’ games

Wargaming.net_Logo-1024x704In a secret, all black, military room at E3, I was briefed about what Wargaming.net had in store for they’re hugely successful franchise, World of Tanks, by two government agents dressed in black. What I’m about to tell you is classified. Alright so it wasn’t a secret military room, and there weren’t any secret men in black, but the room was black. Anyway, in said room I got a sneak peek of the upcoming World of Tanks Blitz for the IOS, and for the most part you’re getting that World of Tanks look and feel right on your iPad or iPhone. Plus I saw World of Warships, another free to play game that’s sure to hit big like it’s cousin World of Tanks.


I played World of Tanks: Blitz on the iPad, and it ran smoothly. The graphics looked sharp, I could see the tank details, while choosing my tank at least, and the sounds match up very close to its big brother on the console. Of course you’re not going to get the same quality of the PC version but you come close. Over 90 tanks right off the jump, fully customizable to give you that slight edge over your opponent.

The controls are very mobile friendly, I was able to pick it up and navigate with no problem. You can even customize the controls if the standard setting isn’t to your liking. There are a few differences of course. Being that WoT: Blitz is a mobile game, the maps are quite smaller to get you to the action faster. Only two players to a platoon, with 7 vs 7 battles. You can still join games right away if you’re taken out, so don’t worry. I wouldn’t let any of that slow you down, WoT: Blitz will still get you your tank killing fix, just smaller and on the go now.


The next project they showed me was World of Warships game play. I didn’t get to get my hands on it, but it was a playable version. The attention to detail was, in a word, crazy. The graphics of each warship shown looked very real. You could tell Wargaming.net took its time and researched the ships to get the look just right, down to the original blueprints. The sounds are recorded from real cannons, all to immerse the player even more.

The demo I was shown was set in a iceberg field out in the middle of nowhere. A large battle cruiser was used, and had a multitude of weapons at its disposal.  I was shown that you can send out a scout plane to survey the field and look for other enemy ships. You can also follow the plane you sent out and get the bird’s eye view first hand. After locating the enemy, our battle cruiser moved within striking distance fast. We switched to his cannons and, just like World of Tanks, you have to lead the shots to hit your targets. Switching to torpedoes, we fired at the enemy, and a cool feature was that you can follow your torpedo as it travels through the water. Each battle was said to be about ten minutes, so you know you’re getting a good, fast-paced fight.

No release date for World of Tanks: Blitz and World of Warships, so you’re going to have to wait for more of war game goodness.

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