Ant-Man’s movie villain revealed!

Ant-ManAfter the entire Edgar Wright debacle of leaving Ant-Man, I’m glad that there’s finally forward steps to getting the movie rolling. With that said, we already know that Paul Rudd will be playing Scott Lang who steals the Ant-Man technology from Hank Pym, played by Michael Douglas. However the question that we asked ourselves is, who is going to be Ant-Man’s opposition?


Well the word on the street is that Corey Stoll is going to play Darren Cross, and Patrick Wilson will be playing his cousin, William Cross, aka Crossfire. According to the comics, Darren Cross is the head of Cross Technological Industries, which is a major biotech firm that has “connections” to the crime underworld. His cousin, William Cross, is an ex-CIA agent who becomes a cybernetic assassin.


Oh dear God, that costume is god awful….

This is great news! Even though they are starting later than expected for production, I just hope they can still make the release date for the movie. Marvel is very clever with their release dates, and they make the most bang for their buck whenever their movies come out at their scheduled time. One last thing though, I really hope they change Crossfire’s costume; he looks like Captain Switzerland, or an evil medic.

Source: Cinemablend || JoBlo || Twitter – Jeff Sneider

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