The Art of Watch Dogs (review)

art of watch dogs

Titan Books has released the Art of Watch_Dogs, an in-depth look at the art behind the open-world game where hacking is your ally. The 144-page art book includes commentary by the creators and art ranging from character design to background design.

The book is categorized into different chapters. The first chapter, “Dramatis Personae”, covers the character designs. The second chapter, “The Living City” covers the art behind the city of Chicago. The third chapter, “The Underground”, covers the ASCII, street and graffiti art. The last chapter, “Everything is Connected”, covers the ctOS, the network that connects all the electronic devices together.

Dramatis Personae

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The first chapter contains character designs for our main lead, Aiden Pearce, his team, enemies and the people of Chicago. Aiden Pearce and Clara Lille both have a nice amount of commentary and artwork samples. Pearce gets around 9 to 10 pages all to himself, with rendered concepts and some painted pieces as well.

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Clara Lille, the goth/punk hacker, gets 6 pages. It features renders of her face from different angles, tattoo designs, and a couple of before-and-after tattoos renders of her body.

The rest of the characters in Watch Dogs don’t get much, as most of them get a full profile render and a short blurb about them. If you’re looking for a more extensive gallery for characters, then you’ll be somewhat disappointed.

The Living City

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The section of the art book covers the city of Chicago and the mood the city brings. The weather, people, stores, warehouses and rural areas all help to create a living city. Different parts of Chicago are discussed, and we do get a lot of samples of concept art.

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Each area of Chicago tells a story, and the artists used that to create the mood. That, however, didn’t stop the team from being able to recreate the city, as iconic buildings, the trains, and popular local shops make an appearance.

The Underground

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This section covers the many art inside the actual game. Since hacking is a big part, ASCII art is prevalent in the art book, with most of them coming from DedSec. It also covers street art and graffiti, whether these were done to make a poor neighborhood look lively, or DedSec claiming a territory in the more well-off areas.

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The rest of the book covers the many devices controlled by ctOS, including screenshots showcasing Aiden Pearce taking advantage of ctOS’s vulnerability.

It’s a nice companion piece to the game and covers all the basis. The art of the city, ASCII, street art and graffiti are pretty in-depth. However, if you’re looking for more character designs, then you may want to look elsewhere.

Rating: 4/5 Atoms

NR 4 Atoms - B

The Art of Watch Dogs is now available at Amazon and Titan Books Store.

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