New iPhone case enters the fray


A new player has entered the fray for your iPhone case of choice. The people from Wonderful Things Factory (theWTFactory) has just introduced SlimClip, an iPhone case just a bit bigger than the phone itself. So no more lugging around an armband or bulky accessories, this will replace both of those and will become your choice for working out.

The SlimClip will give you a variety of ways to clip the phone to your workout wear and around the houseĀ as you can see in the video below. It is currently being offered in two different colors and versions and is currently for the iPhone 5 and 5S (with two choice colors of Blue and Red). This case is not only for working out, but it can also be used in your everyday and work wear.


Take a quick look at the clip below for its ease of use.

For more information you can go here.

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