Japan’s Hyrule Warriors Premium Box is filled with a ‘treasure’


Japan releases a lot of premium sets that are usually exclusive to a particular store or website, so it’s no surprise to see that Nintendo and Temco Koei are releasing a really awesome looking Zelda Musou (Hyrule Warriors) Limited Edition set.



The Zelda Musou Premium Box includes an awesome Triforce-shaped clock, a code to unlock eight different costumes (three courage costumes, three wisdom costumes, two power costumes) and a hero’s scarf which retails for ¥11,664 ($120) which is currently available to pre-order via AmiAmi.com for ¥9,900 ($100).


For the more hardcore Zelda fans there is also a Treasure Box version available as at Amazon.jp. It comes with a mini replica treasure box from the game, and it even makes a sound (which could be the epic chest opening theme) for ¥14,904 ($160). 

It would be cool to see a similar set be released in North America and Europe, but we don’t really see Nintendo releasing many Limited Editions in the West. Zelda collectors might want to keep an eye out when the Premium sets release on August 14th in Japan.

Source: Twitter

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