Brand new Hyrule Warriors screenshots and character art


Nintendo and Tecmo Koei’s Hyrule Warriors is coming in the next few months. Nintendo has released some new character and screenshots from the upcoming game, along with the cover of the game. See how some of your favorite and new characters will appear in the game.

You can see our impressions from the Hyrule Warriros E3 demo here.


WiiU_HyruleWarriors_char021_E3-524x524 WiiU_HyruleWarriors_char03_E31-524x524 WiiU_HyruleWarriors_char04_E31-524x524

WiiU_HyruleWarriors_illu02_E31-524x368 WiiU_HyruleWarriors_scrn01_E3-524x294 WiiU_HyruleWarriors_scrn02_E3-524x294 WiiU_HyruleWarriors_scrn03_E3-524x294 WiiU_HyruleWarriors_scrn04_E3-524x294 WiiU_HyruleWarriors_scrn05_E3-524x294 WiiU_HyruleWarriors_scrn06_E3-524x294 WiiU_HyruleWarriors_scrn08_E3-524x294 WiiU_HyruleWarriors_bkgd021_E3-524x366 WiiU_HyruleWarriors_bkgd01_E31-456x600 WiiU_HyruleWarriors_illu01_E31-485x600 WiiU_HyruleWarriors_scrn09_E3-524x294

Hyrule Warriors will be a Nintendo Wii U exclusive and will release August 14, 2014 in Japan, September 19, 2014 in Europe and September 26, 2014 in North America. 

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