E3 2014: Snail Games’ mobile games keeps you entertained

snail_desktop Snail Games will be releasing three mobile games for iOS/Android soon. They featured all three at E3 this year. All three were pretty interesting on their own. Check them out.

heroesofgaiaHeroes of Gaia

This 3D turn-based strategy game allows players to enter a world of magic and mercenaries, paladins and power hungry warlords. This game requires integrated strategy and RPG experience to develop your hero. In this game, you choose from four distinct races (Human Kingdom, the Elven Realm, Barbarian Hordes, and the Undead Reaches), with over 40 unique heroes, units, customizable armies and countless special abilities.

It was a bit confusing at first. Some parts reminded me of chess, which is all about strategy as you move to fight against your enemy. Be sure to look at your power levels as you maneuver in the game.


Puzzle Heroes Saga

In this fun game of “matching three” to defeat the evil forces, Puzzle Heroes Saga is very fast paced and very entertaining. Using strategy and speed, you must solve the puzzles to unleash your army to fight against the other army. It’s very similar to the classic Space Invaders, but you have to use quick thinking in order to shoot your enemy. You can customize and upgrade your arsenal of allies to join you in battle and as you play, discover awesome treasures. The was very simple to learn. This quick thinking game kept me entertained for several minutes. This game is suitable for all ages. It’s something my young niece would enjoy, as well as my parents and myself.


Taichi Panda

Probably my most favorite of the three, Taichi Panda is an action RPG that feels like a console game but on your iOs/Android. You are the Monk Taichi Panda (there are other characters you could play as well, like a Assassin and the Swordsman, but we all know we want to be the panda) who must fight evil enemies and bosses in a quest for glory. As you go on your journey, you will face many challengers – dead and alive – using the gear you find along the way as well as your fists. You develop your character as you gain more power and riches. This game was very entertaining. I spent the most time on this game walking through different levels and fighting. The weapons you obtain become more powerful and you are given an unlimited amount, but must reload before continuing. It just felt like an older Sega console game, but now on my phone and tablet.

Snail Games has not set a date for the release of these mobile games, but they will be released on iOS and Android.

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