E3 2014: From EQNLandmark to Landmark


If you haven’t heard of Landmark before, it’s perfectly okay! One of our esteemed writers, Aaron Carter picks you up to speed on some of the concepts and tools which make this sandbox a unique asset in the land of this type of game genre.


For those of you who are familiar with EverQuest Next – Landmark, you would have noticed that there have been major updates in the last month. One major one in particular was the inclusion of dynamic water into the system. But before we delve into the updates seen when playing the game and referred to by Senior Producer Terry Michaels, let’s jump back and give some history to this setup.


Back in January, I traveled to the fabled land of San Diego to attend the Closed Alpha Launch of EverQuest Next Landmark. At this time, the vision was that this would be the growing toolkit that would work parallel to the development of EverQuest Next. This toolkit’s engine was so powerful, that it would be able to develop all assets that could be used for EverQuest Next. A few weeks ago, a Dark Elf Workshop was started to give the community the opportunity to shape the cultural aesthetic for EQN’s Dark Elves, using tools available in Landmark and personal drawings and designs to help the development staff.

While Landmark has become the tool to develop some material that could be used for EverQuest Next, the idea since the beginning is that Landmark would possess no genre. Landmark is a sandbox with a genre-less emphasis, so when the community and press constantly ask what Landmark is, they often have the impression that EverQuest Next somehow factors into it. This is no longer the case! If you see Landmark now, it has since removed the EverQuest Next branding from its title, further emphasizing the separation of sandbox-toolkit from the future MMO.


With this further refined approach with Landmark, the development decision moved away from the ability to allow players to change their race, honing towards the idea that this is a stand-alone title rather than being directly associated with EverQuest Next. And as a reminder, what sets Landmark apart from other sandbox games is that the development of the engine and the feedback of the community is closely tied together. Terry and I shared a strong sentiment that SOE made a bold, but important move in the online gaming platform committing to this type of open-development. With the success of Landmark thus far, we can only imagine the impact this has made on the development of EverQuest Next’s engine.


And speaking of EverQuest Next, Nerd Reactor will provide updates on the future MMO as news from Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) comes to light! For more news and information on Landmark, check out their website at https://www.landmarkthegame.com/

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