E3 2014: Theres gold in Black Gold Online

black-gold-online-snail-gameAt E3 this year, I had the opportunity to look at Snail Game’s latest MMO Black Gold Online. Black Gold Online is soon to go into open beta on June 20th, and it boasts some features that no other MMO that I have played has done. Now I know that developers say things like that all the time, but this time they might be on to something. Snail Games has recently acquired the rights of the Crytek engine, allowing them the ability to refine Black Gold Online and eventually revamp Age of Wushu in the future.

black gold 1When you first look at Black Gold Online, you notice right away the steampunk look, but to pigeonhole it in that regard would do the game an injustice. You can choose between two factions, The Kingdom of Isenhorst, which has more of the Steampunk look, and The Elandir Union, the fantasy side who looks more towards an Avatar race. The beta will only allow you to choose from two different races in each faction, with more to come. A human and dwarf race are represented with the Kingdon of Isenhorst and the Elandir Union have a human and cat-like creature to represent their faction. The customization is said to be very in-depth.

The battle system is something to akin to Terra Online. You choose from six classes and depending on your choice, the game feels a little different. If you choose a class like Blademaster, you’ll be hacking and slashing at your targets. Or, choosing from a gunslinger class will make you feel like you’re playing a first or third person shooter, depending on how you change the camera.

black gold mech

What sets Black Gold Online apart from other MMOs on the market right now are the carriers. Different from your mounts, carriers come in two flavors: The Elandir Union have machines and the Kingdom of Isenhorst come as tamed beasts. Whether you’re in a contested battleground or out in the world, carriers can be used to fight all enemies. In essence – Mounted Combat. It is similar to the idea portrayed by Age of Conan, but is expanded here. These carriers are customizable with over 100 different types in total and five carriers classes that checks-and-balance against each other. Carriers do not have baseline stats as each carrier differs in strengths and weaknesses from each other, promoting the usage of those several dozen types.

In terms of PvP, there are designated Energy Wells on the continent that grant benefits to the guild who controls them. These Energy Wells are contested through battlegrounds where the victors are tallied weekly in terms of who controls them. While you are automatically flagged to fight the enemy faction, you have the option of being flagged to fight those members of your own faction. Be forewarned! If you continuously annihilate members of your own faction, a system is in place to allow people to put bounties on you called Revenge.

Black Gold Online – Open Beta is set for June 20. Upon full release, Black Gold Online is also available at retail stores like Best Buy and other game retailers.

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