E3 2014: Evolve – My time as ‘The Medic’

Evolve-Happy-Hunting-1280x730One of the big surprises at E3 was the time I spent with Turtle Rock Studios and 2K’s Evolve. I was thrust into the game and was hooked. If you don’t know what evolve is Evolve, it’s a multiplayer co-op shooter game that sets a team of four hunters, from four different classes, against a huge monster in a sort of cat-mouse game of death.

evolve-medic-lazarusWorking with three other players, it’s a real team game.

I was privileged to play one of the new characters TRS/2K were showing off, Lazarus. Lazarus is the medic and has many special abilities like cloaking and reviving teammates, which makes him a huge target for the monster to take down first. As Lazarus, I was able to choose a special perk before the match started. Being the guy who likes to think ahead, I chose a perk that basically gave me Wolverine’s healing factor. I figured I need to stay alive for my team.

We get into the match and begin to follow the tracker’s dog to the monster. Sure enough, we find the Kraken. Did I forget to mention we were fighting the legendary monster Kraken? Well, we did and he shot straight for me.


I did my best at dodging him, as best as a man can do dodging a Kraken, and managed to escape his clutches. The trapper on my squad did a fine job keeping the beast enclosed in a giant bubble dome. The Assault, played by our own Cory Vincent, put up with tons of damage as the Kraken raged around. I did my best to stay out of the Kraken’s way and healed my squad when they needed it. I also put weak points on the Kraken, and even revive a teammate or two. Soon enough our teamwork and efforts came through, and the monster fell.

2K_Evolve_E3_Screenshot_03 (1)The balance between the monsters and the players were equal. The game was entertaining enough where I did not feel like it was easy to win, but it was also challenging at the same. The Kraken took several shots at us, but I never felt like we had no chance. I’m sure there will be more tweaking before the game ships, but my time as the medic solidified my future purchase of this game.

Evolve will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on October 21st, 2014.

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