E3 2014: Nyko wants to sneak into your house with modular accessories

Video game accessory juggernaut Nyko was at E3 this week with a brand new line of equipment to enhance your living room and gaming experience at the same time with its new modular line of console add-ons. Modular design is a sexy way of saying that instead of clearly being a separate aftermarket piece of gaming hardware, it fits the dimensions and color of the console perfectly in what appears to be one complete device. This is an absolutely welcomed new line of product for those of us out there who meticulously run and zip tie our entertainment centers to perfection. We were given a hands-on first look at the new Xbox One and Ps4 inter coolers as well as an elegant new modular rechargeable battery station for the Xbox One, and a modular storage and cleaning kit for the PlayStation 4.

86118-Power-Station (2)Although there have been no outbreaks of the new generation of consoles overheating, it’s common sense that over time heat can and will damage electronics. Nyko did not imply any heating faults with the new systems and makes no claims to performance enhancements. The fact is most people place their shiny new consoles into a cramped entertainment system and this provides a way to push a lot of the built up hot air around into the ether of your living space rather than into other hot pieces of electronics. The Xbox Inter cooler looks more like the scoop of a hot rod and pushes the air forward, while the PS4 model is still facing the back of the entertainment system which is not ideal, but is better than nothing. The pieces are indeed attractive, but unfortunately we were unable to get any specs as to the noise and power rating of the fans.

83218-Charge-Kit (1)Moving along to the Xbox rechargeable battery kit, this thing is beautiful. It attaches directly to the USB port on the left side of the Xbox and provided some slick LED indicators as to the percentage of your rechargeable batteries built into the unit. Again this is built to match the contours, textures and lines of the Xbox One so that it looks slick and adds no unnecessary wires or clutter. The PlayStation 4 modular setup connects to the right side of the box, and includes a custom cleaning brush that matches the exact size of the console and is extended to clean that pesky crevice on the face of console that everyone struggles to keep dust free. The compartment is ideal for hiding your weed from you mom and includes two retractable Micro USB charging cables.

Overall impressive new things coming down the line for Nyko, including a Power Pak PS4 rechargeable battery that upgrades the power to 1000mAh for a much needed increase of PS4 controller game time. A new more traditional infrared media controller for the Xbox One, and as usual for Nyko all at extremely reasonable prices when compared to first party pricing.


Both Inter coolers will hit the market at a cool $24.99

The modular kit for the PS4 will cost $19.99, while the Xbox One kit will run you $29.99 and includes rechargeable batteries.

PS4 power pak is available now for $19.99

Xbox One media remote will retail also at $14.99

All products are intended to hit the market before this holiday season.

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