E3 2014: This War of Mine brings civilians to war


Are you tired of war games featuring elite soldiers mindlessly killing and shooting bad guys left and right? Maybe you’re tired of following orders and trying to save the world? Perhaps This War of Mine might intrigue you, since you will be controlling civilians during wartime.

We had the chance to check out the game at E3 with Pawel Miechowski, 11 bit studios’ senior writer. The game is best described as a side-scrolling survival simulator. You are tasked with keeping the civilians in your group alive. To do this, the group must find tools and food. To make matters worst, the survivors will have to keep a look out for snipers and other scavengers.

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In the build that we saw, Miechowski showed us simple tasks like scavenging around the rest area and traveling to different areas in search of items. Since I wanted to see how far the survivors can go, we were able to make them do some bad things.

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In once instance, we had our civilian enter a house owned by an old couple. They were frightened and responded, via text speech bubble, whether we were going to kill them. We went past the old man and quickly browsed around the kitchen and stealing food and items. The old man didn’t like that one bit, so we killed him. His wife quickly ran away and hid inside another part of the house. I felt bad about the situation, and your actions will have an effect later on, as survivors in your group will become angry and sad. Some will even resist following instructions because they don’t feel that it’s right to help out in a group that has no concern for human life.

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The time period in the game isn’t important, as the game feels more universal that way. And since it’s not a specific event in time, you won’t know when the war will end. So it’s your job to keep the people alive as long as possible until the war is over…whenever that may be.

In the final build of the game, I’m hoping to see all kinds of different survivors, since the build we saw featured only 3 adult male survivors.

This War of Mine will be available for the PC and mobile market this year.

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