E3 2014 – Juju: A kid-friendly game that adults can play too


From the makers of Hard Reset, Hard Reset: Exile and Shadow Warrior comes a new, and very different, game called Juju. Flying Wild Hog’s games have been known for their
ultra-violent fighting games, but this time their main character is about an adorable JuJupink
panda and his lizard sidekick. Juju is a young shaman panda who follows his father,
Jumbee, to a temple and accidentally releases the evil Calypso. Calypso kidnaps Jumbee and it is up to Juju and his sidekick, Peyo, to save him.

This 2D style of gaming brings the users back to the classic style of gaming – think older Sega games. This co-op two player game allows adults to play with their children…and it isn’t boring. The game is really entertaining.JuJu

Originally designed for five year olds and up, Juju eventually evolved into a game fit for all ages of any skill level. As a two-player game, as long as one player is still alive, the other will not die. If one loses all of their health, they will come back in a bubble with full health. Another perk of the game is if one player is ahead, it will automatically pull the other player along with them. No one gets left behind. So if a parent or adult is
playing with a younger child, the child will not be holding your character back. The game is fast paced enough where one will not get bored. JuJu

The game is very easy to learn, but the challenges get harder each level, including a nightmare level. Even some experienced gamers had a difficult time passing through some levels near the end. It’s fun and works for people of all ages.

Juju will be available on PC and PS3 this fall.

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