Videogame BANG! E3 2014 Recap Day #2

e3-2014Day two is in the books, ladies and germs. This time we have a little different episode than what you heard last night as we are going old school! Cory and Aaron are rocking the mics as a duo and going through a very exciting day 2 of E3. Literally everyone else is out partying it up in the streets of LA while these two losers are hanging out in their cheap apartment with some pizzas, some recording equipment and loads of good times.

Aaron starts things off with his experience in a Sony meeting, and meeting with his developer heroes working on Everquest Next and Landmark. Cory spent a lot of time with Activision and has all the deets on the new Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and Skylanders. Cory and Aaron got some time to wander around the showroom floor and played Super Smash Bros. and Fable Legends. Other games we got to play and will discuss on this show are H1Z1, the new Toad game, and what Cory believes to be the best game he’s played at the show thus far: Destiny.

On top of all that the guys got a few more brushes with fame. Included in the awesomeness was Adam Sessler, John Legere, Phil Spencer, UFC Champion Johny Hendrix, Greg Miller, and yet another Black guy who was in that thing.

We have one more day to go, and many many more things to see. We hope you enjoy this show, we also have some amazing interviews that we will be posting in our overall recap of the show either tomorrow or the next day. E3 has been a surreal experience for us so far and we have nobody to thank beside you, the listeners. Really thank you all from the bottom of our black empty hearts.

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