E3 2014: Wii U’s Zelda 2015


Nintendo didn’t make an official appearance at E3, but like the other two big boys, they did drop a huge bomb for you to salivate over for a while. Sort of stealing a little bit of the light from the others, Nintendo showed footage for the new Legend of Zelda (tentative title).

Not a ton of info was spouted out, but a look a the game was just about all we needed. Looks like Link will be plying his trades this time around in an even more open world, where the developer showcasing the game emphasizes how you can enter any dungeon from any direction in any order, giving a feel of more freedom.

zelda_wiiu_e3_2014_1The graphics popped off the screen with cel shaded bright colors all around, flares blinding you whenever the new enemy shot his laser at you, and glowing arrow tips on Link’s new arrows.

No solid release date set for the game, only 2015, but rest assure it looks to be another smash hit from the Legend of Zelda franchise.

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