These aren’t the shoes you’re looking for – Vans x Star Wars line

Vans x Star Wars

Actually, these are the shoes you’re looking for. With all the hype and buzz flying around for Star Wars these days, it’s just the perfect time for Vans to unveil their newest shoe line, Vans x Star Wars. On the heels of J.J. Abrams stating that the Millennium Falcon “won’t” be in Episode VII and that Chronicle director Josh Trank will be directing a standalone Star Wars film, this is the best news yet!

You’re probably thinking “Wait, wasn’t there already Star Wars shoes out?” The answer is yes, there was. Adidas released 2 sets of shoes/clothing back in Fall 2010 and Fall 2011 in their Adidas x Star Wars line. What sets the Vans line apart from Adidas, is their approach. Where Adidas had more recognizable color schemes that were attached to characters, Vans is more about unique prints that are inspired from the characters and plants of that world.

Boba Fett sports a camo theme, there’s a Stormtrooper paisley print, Hawaiian Yoda and more. Check out the gallery below, as well as the release trailer (yes, there’s a release trailer). The shoes are available for purchase at a Vans store or at the Vans official website. Journeys also has a great deal where they include either a Boba Fett or Darth Vader skateboarding figurine with each purchase on their online store.


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