Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy lead list of actors for Doctor Strange


After news broke that Peyton Reed would be replacing Edgar Wright on Ant-Man, comes news that Marvel’s has created a list of actors they want to play Doctor Strange. Deadline is reporting that that both Tom Hardy and Benedict Cumberbatch are on that list, and it’s unclear who else is on that list.

Previously, we heard that Johnny Depp was at one point considered for the Sorcerer Supreme, but since the meeting was done years ago we don’t know if he is still interested. In addition, gigantic Doctor Strange fan, Patrick Dempsey, has lobbied for years to play Strange. Fans have also had a say on who they want to play Doctor Strange, including Timothy Olyphant, Luke Evans and Aidan Gillen.

Doctor Strange revolves around the egotistical neurosurgeon Stephen Strange who was involved in a debilitating car accident. He survived but the nerves in his hands were severely damaged. Too vain to accept his fate, Strange exhausted his fortune looking for a cure for his disability. Upon hearing of the rumors of a mystical “Ancient One”, Strange seeked him in hopes that the Ancient One will be able to cure him. After accepting the Ancient One’s offer to teach him the art of mysticism, he eventually became the dimension’s greatest magic practitioner: The Sorcerer Supreme.

Who do you want to play Doctor Strange?

Doctor Strange is slated for a Phase 3 release.

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