Be ‘Geek Chic’ with an LD West wallet and cell phone holster


We’ve all had the discomfort of trying to fish for our phones or wallet out of our pockets. Whether it be your favorite pair of jeans or dress pants, the wrestling match between you and your pockets is never fun. So what if there was a simple and elegant way to store your phone and wallet all while looking like a bad-ass space cowboy? Okay, the last part may just apply to me.

LD West HolsterLD West has created a line of holsters that provide an easy and stylish way of storing your wallet and cell phone. They offer three different sizing options – so whether you have an iPhone or a phablet, there is a size out there for you.

While the holsters do look stylish and seem practical especially while sitting, it would be interesting to see how they would work in real world situations. For instance, would they hold up if you were running to catch a plane or bus? Would it feel uncomfortable if worn for long periods of time? If you do not wear suits daily, is the price really worth it?

The holster should be able to offer a secure, but easily accessible pouch for your phone and wallet without the feeling of “carrying” something under their arm all day. Whether truly functional or not, the stylish design is sure to be a great conversation starter at the office or any formal event.

Source: LD West

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