1001 frustrations! 1001 Spikes (PC review)

So the Dark Soul series has kicked your butt all over the gaming world, and you seem to enjoy the tedious difficulty that it brings, but you want something new you say? Well 1001 Spikes is here to fill that void and get your 2D avatar dying 1001 times.

1001 Spikes 8 bit fanatics

1001 Spikes is an 8-bit, 2D platforming, puzzle game that has you play as Aban Hawkins, a hero explorer, as he traverses a multitude of levels with danger at every step, just to get treasure because his daddy called him stupid. A detailed story leads the game but is quickly forgotten once you take control of the hero. The challenge of each level is what this game is really all about, that and making you pull out your hair.

1001 Spikes Aban Hawkins

The 8-bit graphics are akin to any NES game, nothing to wow you. If you’re looking for a graphically heavy game, this isn’t the place. The cut scenes that tell the story actually gave me that old original Ninja Gaiden feeling, with details being better than the gameplay and things moving slightly around the screen to give you a sense of motion as you read the story. Even the sound, as simple as it was, hearkened back to the ’80s with its bleeps and bloops.

1001 Spikes level

The objective of the game is simple enough. Grab a key in the level and make it to the exit without dying from traps. But don’t let that description fool you. The game is tough. You get 1001 lives to finish all levels, and the game isn’t forgiving at all. They start you with a small tutorial to get you settled in this world but let you lose quick to die over and over again. You slowly master each part of a level, die, start from the beginning, and then repeat until you beat said level. Each level adds threats like flame throwers, scorpions, and of course spikes. Sometimes you’ll make it to just about the end of a level just to catch a well-placed spike right before the exit, causing you to scream out loud. It had me wondering what cruel person designed these torture chambers. If things ever get to tough for you, you could always skip levels, but you won’t get a true ending until you brave through them all.

1001 Spikes level

As frustrating as it was, I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy the time I spent with it. The game even boasted a coop and competitive mode just in case I wanted to give my friends headaches as well. The game is definitely not for the “Ragers” out there, and feels like a mobile device game rather than a console game. With the price tag of $14.99, I can’t say that you really get your money’s worth. Best bet it to wait until it goes on sale, then you have my permission to rage.

Rating: 2.5/5 Atoms

NR 2_5 Atoms - C-

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