Twitch adding Pot Bonuses for popular fighting game streams

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Twitch.TV has been stepping up their game within different communities. Twitch recently added Romscout to help them with their speed running community and it wasn’t long ago that Mike Ross was added to help with the Fighting Game Community. That is just the start.

Twitch announced it would be bringing players from Japan to compete at the Community Effort Orlando fighting tournament on June 27th to June 29th to add some extra excitement to the tournament which is three weeks before EVO 2014, but has also put in $1,000 for pot bonuses for Wednesday Night Fights and Super Smash Sundays from Level|Up Live, as well as Next Level Battle Circuit streamed by TeamSp00ky.

Level|Up Live will add $500 each week for two weeks for Ultra Street Fighter IV, and TeamSp00ky will add $250 each week for a month to their Ultra Street Fighter IV tournaments, while Super Smash Sundays will receive a similar bonus.

Level Up and TeamSp00ky are the most popular weekly streams which both run on Wednesdays with a huge audience. With Ultra Street Fighter IV just released on consoles in North America, you can expect some high level play as well as fierce competition with this added bonus.

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