Salem Recap: ‘Our Own Private America’


We were left off with Reverend Cotton and John Alden fighting off zombies, Mary Sibley’s new apprentice Mercy Lewis kills witch Rose off, witch-servant Tituba getting jealous of Mercy, and Anne catches her father do a witch act… kinda. (He disappears in front of her face.) Her mother comes and has to tell her the secret.

This week’s episode started with Anne’s mother telling her about her father’s “secret”. He tells her that her father is a “spy”. Good one, Mrs. Hale. Anne is in disbelief that he would betray his country, let alone disappear out of thin air. She’s a smart one, that Anne. Her father is transported to Mary’s house where she shows him Rose’s head as an example if you betrayed her. He swears his loyalty to her.

salem3Mary and Tituba are searching for the Malum. They know John Alden has it, but don’t know where it could be. Mary opts going into his dreams – which is very dangerous because… INCEPTION. The mind can get lost between reality and dream for both the witch and the victim. Mary attempts at it and ends up having mind-sex with John Alden. She tries again, but this time asking him where the Malum is. She finds out where it is, but continues to enter his dreams to just be with him. She learns the hard way, when she sees young Anne in his dreams and then gets stuck in John’s nightmares of him dressed as a Native American killing his fellow Puritans. She goes into a dream-panic attack where Tituba has to wakes her up. As Mary recovers, Tituba and Mercy goes to retrieve the Malum from the graveyard.

Meanwhile, John has been lost between dream and reality. He is so confused during the day and kisses Anne in broad daylight. She’s happy about it, but he’s confused as heck. After sleeping with some prostitutes and making out with Anne, he goes to Mary (post-Inception attack) and tries to make love to her. She stops it because of all the drama she has been through – the pregnancy, the witchery, him murdering people, etc. All this, finally ends their relationship.salem2

Meanwhile, Mercy learning how to be a witch – including scaring innocents and killing those she felt were wrong. She is learning spells and potions from Mary and used it on her friends. She is really developing a mind of her own and who she believes should be punished. But that’s not witch-like!!! You’re suppose to only kill innocents. Oh, Mercy. She murders her friend Dolly’s mother for, basically, being a bitch to Dolly and blames it on the Barkers (the family that Dolly was betrothed to). An angry mob comes and tries to burn the Barker family to stake, but Cotton calms the crowd and have the Barkers arrested instead.

In between all of this mess, we see a witch hunter (Stephen Lang) trying to get back to Salem. He thinks a witch is preventing him from getting there and tries to find the witch. This man could destroy the witches in Salem and the Grand Rite. So, they must prevent him from finding the ship’s knot that could get him back to Salem. He finds it eventually by killing the witch on the ship and heads to Salem.

salemAt the end of the episode, we see Cotton surprised to learn that the Barkers have been burned to stake. He is really angry and wants to know under whose order! Then we see that same witch hunter from the boat – Cotton’s father! The burning of the Barkers were under HIS orders. Increase Mather (yes, that’s his name) is back and wants to monitor his son. You can tell there is some tension between the younger Mather and the older Mather. I wonder how the older Mather is going to react to his son being in love with a prostitute.

Increase also pays a visit to Mary, because he was such good friends with her husband. She fawns all over him and asks him how long he planned on staying. He tells her, until all the witches burn. Oh, damn.

The episodes are getting so good. With the return of Witch Hunter Increase Mather, we may be seeing more real witches burn. But with the way things are going right now, probably more innocents will be put to death. Mather seems like the type of guy who will kill just about anyone who is accused. I’m predicting Cotton’s girlfriend may be next on the list.

As for the Grand Rite, they have killed four people (non-witches) in this episode alone, so does that mean they have four more until the series ends? Does Dolly’s mom count since she was killed by Mercy? Hopefully, they will explain more of this in the next episode.

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