Metal Gear Solid movie finds its director?

shinkawa metal gear solid snake

Hollywood producer Avi Arad has a big influence on the Metal Gear Solid property. He convinced creator/director Hideo Kojima to hire Kiefer Sutherland to voice Big Boss in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and he is also the producer for the film adaptation. It looks like we might have a director with Jordan Vogt-Roberts (he’s currently in talks), a source familiar with the project told The Wrap.

Vogt-Roberts just came out of directing an indie flick called The Kings of Summer. It’s a coming-of-age comedy-drama, so I’m not sure whether he’s the right guy for the job. Yes, Marvel did strike gold by hiring NBC’s Community directors for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but that’s Marvel, and this is Avi Arad and Sony. (I am not a big fan of Marc Webb’s version of Spider-Man.)

The Metal Gear Solid franchise became a hit when it debuted on the PlayStation 1 in 1998. It followed Solid Snake, the legendary soldier, on a mission to stop FOXHOUND, a terrorist group, from detonating a nuclear device.

Source: The Wrap

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