Another Battlefield Hardline leak reveals police bikes and other vehicles


Apparently someone over at EA and DICE seriously needs to be fired. This would be the third leak for Battlefield Hardline in less than a month’s time. The first big leak came last week, when a nine-minute trailer for the game was leaked on Neogaf. Yesterday, new gameplay footage was once again leaked on the video game forum. This new video shows off more of the game’s vehicles and a good look at the map High Tension.

Most noticeably, you will be able to drive police motorcycles just like in CHIPS. There is a good assortment of vehicles you can choose from and they seem to function much like other vehicles from the Battlefield series. No surprise, the game will have classes to choose from for your player. Each has special attributes with an unique layout of weapons. Doesn’t seem too different from Battlefield as side from the names.

I’m not really that excited for the this title, especially after the Battelfied 4 debacle. This game look exactly like Battlefield with cops tacked on to make it seem different. Hopefully EA and DICE still have a card up their sleeves for E3.

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