How To Train Your Dragon 2 – Early Screener Reaction


How To Train Your Dragon has grown in popularity throughout the years and with its own television series doing fairly well, I think this train is going to keep moving forward. I just returned from watching How To Train Your Dragon 2 via an early screening thanks to Hero Complex Film Festivals, and all I have to say is that they’ve raised their game from the original movie.

The original How To Train Your Dragon was not just an emotionally engaging joyride, but it was also beautifully done CG Animation that made you fall in love with both Toothless and Hiccup. In this second installment, the CG Animation is absolutely gorgeous. It felt like you were there with both Hiccup and Toothless gliding through the clouds; even when they zoomed over the oceans, the water itself looked incredible. Stoick, Hiccups father, is also beautifully rendered to the point that you can notice every single strand of hair on his beard. Dreamworks has certainly done an amazing job on the CGI production for this second movie.


The dragons are of course back, and are beautifully rendered along with Toothless. Of course this time around, they are joined by a new cast of dragons that Toothless and his crew have to interact with, but you’re going to have to see the movie upon its release to find out what they look like (sorry to tease, but you won’t be disappointed!)

You’ll also love the emotional string pulling that this second movie does. Yes, it certainly tops the first film in that department; moreso. I’ll admit that I teared up in the first movie, however I didn’t tear up as much as I did in this one. Prepare your tissues, people! (If you watch this movie and don’t shed a tear, you’re probably dead inside or a human robot.)

With Hollywood’s sudden interest in dragons, e.g. Game of Thrones and Smaug from The Hobbit, I wouldn’t be surprised if more movies were released that starred these lovable leather-winged lizards. How To Train Your Dragon 2 releases on June 13, 2014! Go watch it! I highly recommend it to everyone that loved the first!

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