Ant-Man director contenders: Rawson Marshall Thurber, Adam McKay & Ruben Fleischer


When Edgar Wright left Ant-Man last week over creative differences, many fans were shocked that he would leave so abruptly. After all, Wright has been working on Ant-Man since before the Marvel Cinematic Universe even existed. Ultimately, it sucks that we won’t be seeing Wright’s vision on screen, but as it is in Hollywood, the film must go on.

Marvel is moving at “Quicksilver” speed to make good on its stance on keeping it’s July 17, 2015 release date. The Hollywood Reporter believes that Rawson Marshall Thurber, Adam McKay and Ruben Fleischer are all in contention to fill the big hole left by Edgar Wright.


From L to R: Ruben Fleischer, Adam McKay and Rawson Marshall Thurber

Rawson Marshall Thurber’s credits include Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story and We’re the Miller. Adam McKay, who had worked with Ant-Man star Paul Rudd before, is known for directing Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, The Other Guys and Step Brothers. Ruben Fleischer is best known for Zombieland, 30 Minutes of Less and Gangster Squad.

According to The Wrap, the current frontrunner to replace Edgar Wright is Rawson Marshall Thurber. Ruben Fleischer has a flair for visuals and proves he can blend action and comedy with Zombieland. Unfortunately, Fleisher recently had a baby and may be reluctant to take a demanding job such as Ant-Man. McKay has worked with Rudd multiple times, his improvisational style might not fit in with what Marvel is going for. Thurber, on the other hand, is a hot commodity right now after the huge success of We’re the Millers. It’s also said that he’s “more willing to accommodate producer’s notes and serve a studio’s vision.”

It’s interesting to see Feige’s train of thought here as the one common denominator between the three is the fact that all come from a background directing comedy. While most of these films are not masterpieces — although I thoroughly enjoyed DodgeballAnchorman, and Zombieland — many industry insiders are expecting Marvel to have a heavy hand in the overall production of the film. This means that the director has to be willing to commit to studio interference while working off of Edgar Wright’s vision script. That man may be Thurber.

Ant-Man shrinks into theaters on July 17, 2015.

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