Community…back from the dead?


Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, my fellow human beings, but we are now one step closer to realizing the dream of “Six Seasons and a Movie” for the cult favorite sitcom, Community. Heartlessly cancelled by NBC last month, the comedy brainchild of Dan Harmon may potentially find a new home on Hulu. Sony Pictures (which owns the show) is in talks with Hulu about creating a 13-episode, sixth season.

Community retains among the most loyal online fanbases of any comedy on television. So what better home for it than Hulu, a site which already owns the exclusive digital rights for the first five seasons? But before anyone starts penning more Jeff/Annie fanfic or doodling pictures of Dean/Dalmatian DeviantART, it’s still much too early to start celebrating. There are many hurdles to negotiating a deal to bring a show onto another network and sources in the negotiations say that the discussions are in the very early stages. Also, let’s not forget that for every Arrested Development on Netflix, there’s a Scrubs: Interns on ABC.

Still, as long as Dan Harmon is on board and running the show, I have confidence that IF a deal is finalized, fans will appreciate the end result. And if not, well, there’s always the movie to look forward to, right?


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