Watch_Dogs stunt fails as bomb squad gets involved


There are bad PR moves, and then there are bad PR moves. The recent one involves Ubisoft and a bomb squad getting involved. According to multiple sites, Ubisoft sent a package to an Australian news site, Ninemsn, shaped like a safe and a letter saying to “check your voicemail.” Unfortunately for Ubisoft the person who found the package did not have a voicemail.

The journalist contacted other newsrooms to see if they got something similar in their deliveries but none got one. So the journalist decides to enter the pin that came with the safe. And that’s when the safe started beeping but did not open. Fearing it may be a bomb the journalist called the police. Once they got the safe opened the contents of the box were the Watch_Dogs game, mask, cap, and a note saying that the embargo was until 5pm.

Photo from Mumbrella

Photo from Mumbrella

The person who it was supposed to be delivered to tweeted this:

I understand trying to get a new game out via a viral stunt, but it would help to get a few people in the know of what is going on. Especially in the age we live in where crazy people would send crazy things. You can never be too careful when receiving a package like this.

I have a feeling that whoever thought that it would be a good idea to send that out and not contact anyone about it will be out of a job. Or at least disciplined very harshly.

Source: Mumbrella, Ninemsn

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