Spike Lee’s ‘Oldboy’ lawsuit filed!

It has been several months since we last heard from the situation between graphic designer Juan Luis Garcia and Spike Lee. To do a recap of what had transpired, Juan had done some preliminary work for the advertisement company associated with Spike Lee where he gave “access to the posters, and offered Defendants the opportunity to use them to market their film, with the condition precedent that they pay Plaintiff for such use. Defendants never paid Plaintiff.”

Defendants and Plaintiffs. If the title of this article did not already point out the obvious, Juan has successfully filed a lawsuit against Spike Lee for copyright infringement over the Oldboy posters. And to back Juan’s growing reputation, he has previously done graphic work for 12 Years a Slave and Lincoln.

If you’ve kept track of this case, read my previous article or are new to the scene, what exacerbated the situation concerning the copyright infringement is Spike Lee’s denial of association with Juan and the ad agency (whom Juan had worked with) offering no reprieve for lowballing Juan in the first place. Being lowballed in the graphic design industry is quite common and it is inspiring that Juan pushed this forward to protect himself. Artists should not have to tolerate these situations.

Stay tuned at Nerd Reactor as we find further updates going forward.

Via The Hollywood Reporter

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