New Mortal Kombat game teased with leaked poster?

A mysterious new Mortal Kombat teaser poster has been leaked, and it looks like we might be getting some sort of announcement soon, just in time for the E3 hype. It was first seen on Reddit and soon after on NeoGAF.

The black and white poster below features a broken spinal cord with the Mortal Kombat dragon logo. “Who’s Next?” is seen below, signifying that a fatality or deadly special move has been performed on the poor victim.

Ed Boon has been giving us cryptic messages on Twitter with a “kountdown”, and if you check his Twitter page, you can see that his cover photo features the “Who’s Next?” phrase. And according to Twitter user @subzerosmokerai, the poster was sent to GameStop labeled “Malcolm.”

Are you excited about the possibility of a new Mortal Kombat game? Sound off below!


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