Look: The Avengers get new cute pink costumes as if by Sanrio

If you thought that The Avengers needed their wardrobe redone, well, then you’re apparently not alone.

File this one under “Reasons Why I Love the Internet.” If you’ve ever wondered what the creative group behind Japan-based Sanrio would do if they had the chance to do costume design for a superhero movie, then wonder no more. We’ve seen a good amount of artwork of heroes, comic book characters and TV show characters get Disney-fied, but it’s time for Hello Kitty to have her moment.

The only thing wrong with this set is that there isn’t a FULL set of all the heroes. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see Hello Iron Kitty?

hello kitty captain america

Captain Kitty

He’s saving America, one cute adorable animal at a time.

hawkeye hello kitty

Hawkeye Kitty

With cat-eye-like precision, he can target just about anything you ask him to (if you ask him nicely).

thor hello kitty

The Kitty of Thunder

Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of pink cuteness!

hello kitty bucky

Hello Bucky

This isn’t a back alley, Kitty. It’s war!

Not part of The Avengers, but still funny:

aragorn hello kitty

By life or death, Kitty Aragorn will save you

Are you inspired to now incorporate some Kitty into your cosplay? Looks like someone already was inspired by the Kitty for his outfit:

rawrbomb wears hello kitty

Rawrbomb: Gears of Hello Kitty

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