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Ghost in the Shell is one of those seminal movies that transcends the language barriers. I only heard of the movie from friends before I bought it and am I glad I did. What started out as a small crew making a picture book tribute blew up to a worldwide collaboration. The picture book tribute was going to be based on the opening sequence to Ghost in the Shell.

Just like the movie, the opening sequence will always have a place in my heart. It was visually breathtaking and amazing. Now thanks to Ash Thorp, Tim Tadder, and all the artists involved, it has blossomed into a sweet montage of the opening sequence. Not quite a shot for shot like in the movie, but it’s as close to a live-action we will get for now.

And speaking of live-action Ghost in the Shell, I hope the people working on it take a look at what these guys were able to do.

Check out the video below and be prepared to get blown away. Also check out the link below the video for more info on the project.

The video does contain nudity. NSFW

Source: GitS2501

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