Battlefield: Hardline trailer leaks online!

Battlefield-Hardline-June-9-TeaserLiterally just hours after it was confirmed that the next Battlefield game would center around cops and criminals, the trailer for the new title was leaked online. Even though the existence of the game was confirmed, the game was not set to be revealed until June 9th during E3. The trailer was leaked on the Neogaf forums this morning, showing off a good portion of the game and its various game modes.

Battlefield: Hardline looks to be heavily influenced by TV crime dramas like The Shield and features many familiar actors from numerous TV shows. Though this title is no longer focused on large scaled war, Visceral Games and EA want to reassure gamers that maps for Hardline are as just as huge as any other Battlefield title. Maps will have unique settings and will still carry the destructible environments that fans have come to know and love.

While it seems kind of weird that the new Battlefield is centered on “the war on crime,” maybe it’s the right idea. Call of Duty seems stuck in limbo with futuristic warfare. Maybe a fasted-paced balls-to-the-wall drug crime drama is just what the FPS genre needs.

Source: Neogaf

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