Zachary Levi is working on Chuck movie

chuck movieYou heard right, everyone! According to Yvonne Strahovski’s fan page post today, the Chuck movie is happening. We all knew based on the NerdHQ IndieGoGo that if it was successful in helping fund another convention, Zachary Levi would be working on creating a Chuck movie.

Chuck was a TV series which ran from 2007 until its finale in 2012 about a computer geek who accidentally becomes a CIA asset after accidentally downloading government secrets into his brain. It was a big hit having been one of the few shows to be resurrected after near cancellation due to fan dedication through the use of social media. As you can imagine it’s one of those shows that has a very strong fan base and because of that has helped the uber talented Zachary Levi spear into such nerd favorites as Tangled, Video Game High School, and Thor 2. 

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