Rumor: Are the film rights to Namor back at Marvel?


Following reports that Universal is developing a Namor film for a 2016 release, comes another source that says that the rights have reverted back to Marvel.

The Hollywood Reporter writer Borys Kit recently tweeted that the film rights to Namor are back at Marvel. Saying,

Following Kit’s initial tweet, IGN writers Eric Goldman and Jim Vejvoda replied to Kit’s tweet by pointing to IGN’s interview with Kevin Feige where he iterated that the rights to Namor are “a little complicated”.

Kit replied by saying, “Hmm. My digging on both sides of the aisle revealed Namor at Marvel. I’ll have to burrow deeper.”

Then Caleb Williams, Superhero Movie News’ editor, suggested that the two studios might share the rights as they did with The Incredible Hulk“If it’s a Hulk sitch,” says Kit, “then Marvel owns but Uni gets to distribute.”

It’s not surprising if the rights to Namor reverted back to Marvel, since Namor has been collecting dust over at Universal for years now. Also, in order for a superhero franchise to successfully prosper, studios will have to create an entire cinematic universe within that franchise. Namor on his own cannot create an entire cinematic universe. Namor doesn’t have distinguishable, well-known mutants (despite being ‘The First Mutant’, mutants are over at Fox), a healthy collection of memorable villains (Spider-Man) or other superheroes (Avengers) to help populate his cinematic universe.

So despite reports that Legendary and Universal’s untitled 2016 project might be Namor, I believe that the film in question will be the Mass Effect franchise that Legendary has been developing for a few years now.

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