13 ridiculous uses of the hashtag #nerd on Instagram

There’s a problem with nerds. Not necessarily the people themselves (though that’s up for debate), but with the term nerd. Dictionary.com does not define the word necessarily in the most optimistic way that we here at Nerd Reactor like to view ourselves.

1. a stupid, irritating, ineffectual, or unattractive person.
2. an intelligent but single-minded person obsessed with a nonsocial hobby or pursuit.

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But, who are they to define us? The term nerd as we try to define it is a person obsessed with a certain fantasy, subculture or subject that is not fully understood by the general public. Still, however, there’s a lot of grey area. And the photos below only make it worse helping us refine a better definition of nerd.

While we have mentioned before that only you can be the one to determine whether you’re a nerd or not and no one can tell you different, these people are just too out of touch with what a nerd truly means. Misuse of the word doesn’t help to raise the general perception of a nerd. Let’s take back the term!

The following photos were found by searching Instagram for #nerd. If you don’t believe these photos were actually tagged #nerd, click through and see for yourself.

Warning: hipster frames oncoming.

Okay, just because you’re wearing dark-rimmed glasses and an ill-fitting pre-tied bowtie does not make you a nerd.



You’re cute, but why does this picture make you a nerd? Why did you hashtag #nerd? WHY?



Add frames, instant nerd! (Though he is cute)


Because reading a young adult novel on your vacation is such a nerdy thing to do.


“If I just slip my fake frames into the picture, they’ll think I’m a nerd!”



“Look, I can totally take a picture of my cat using technology. I’m such a nerd.”


Why do we like to pretend that babies know what nerd is??

Beautiful boy. ❤️ @catherineslat #babyboy #leo #canon #10D #glasses #nerd #cutie

A photo posted by Brogan Fraser-Brooks (@browgfraser) on


“Teehee, I posted a funny pic, I am so nerdy. And I’m so #geekin.”


“Check out my fashion tee with frames and a moustache. Nerd-central, guys!”



Again… glasses don’t make you NERDY.



Because finishing a school assignment is so nerdy? And WTF is a natal country??


“Yo dude, she’s got frames on, she must be the hottest nerd chick around.”



Again, why does having to do the thing ALL STUDENTS MUST DO make you a #nerd?



Uhm, I’m sorry, but some of the nicest and most optimistic people I’ve met are nerds!




Okay, you can hashtag #nerd this.

#geek #nerd #love #anime #proudofwhoiam

A photo posted by Crystal (@captainmeoww) on

And, here’s a nerd who loves wedgies. No, seriously.

#tightywhities #wedgie #cartoon #selfwedgie #nerd

A photo posted by Ryan (@nerdywedgie) on

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