X-Men: Days of Future Past – WTF moments

**X-Men: Days of Future Past spoilers in this article!! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!**


I just watched X-Men: Days of Future Past, and I have to say that it was an entertaining ride. The movie basically reboots the entire franchise and I believe crosses out X2, X3: The Last Stand, and a perhaps some of Wolverine: Origins. I know I speak for a lot of us knowing that this movie cleaned up the onscreen vomit that was X3. I’m not going to go too much into reviewing the movie, since we’ve already got a review on that. I do want to say that despite my short rantings here about the movie, I still did enjoy it. It had a solid script, and the acting between James Mcavoy, Michael Fassbender, Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, and Ian Mckellen was top notch, and I recommend the movie for everyone to watch. However there are some things I’d like to get off my chest…


In all of the X-Men movies, they have not paid any amount of respect to Colossus. He either is sent away, like in X2, or he only is shown for less than 5 seconds and has minimal contribution to the main team. This really frustrates me since Colossus is a powerhouse of the team, and they really have not done him much justice in the movies. If Juggernaut is a human tank, then Colossus is a steel wall. He has tangled with the Hulk, Juggernaut, and many other ultra powered characters and held his own.


However I was wrong to assume they’d finally give him credit, since every time he was on screen, he was getting slapped around like an ugly kid. Yes, I understand the fact that fighting those sentinels was futile, and them outnumbering you means doom, but come on. Colossus should have been able to tear one of those things apart at least in the movie. Instead we get a metallic pinball that served absolutely no purpose. Poor Colossus. 🙁


“I’m a strong independent mutant, who don’t need NO bullets!”

Professor Xavier’s Serum

Professor X used a serum that was able to suppress his mutant abilities. No seriously, f**k who ever decided to add this to the story. Not only did it suppress Professor Xavier’s mutant genome, it had the miraculous ability to cure his inability to walk. IT’S THE MIRACLE CURE! Why was this in the movie again? If I’m misunderstanding the serum abilities, then I apologize, but after just watching this movie and seeing this item, I literally facepalmed. If the serum could suppress the mutant genome, why didn’t Beast just create a cure out of it for mutants that didn’t want their powers? Also, how the hell did it cure his inability to walk? Professor X took a BULLET TO THE SPINE in first movie, X-Men: First Class. A BULLET TO THE SPINE. THE SPINE! Last time I checked if you took a bullet to your spine, nothing on this planet would allow to you walk again. Feel free to correct me in the comments below, since I was a bit annoyed at these parts of the movie with the serum involved.


Stopping Mystique

Another WTF moment for me was when they were trying to “stop” Mystique. In the scene you see Mystique just recovering from being tasered, and Xavier trying to console her. Earlier, Wolverine had informed Magneto and Professor X that in the future they create deadly Sentinels that adapt to mutant powers after research on Mystique’s blood and tissue. So what does Magneto decide to do in this scene? HE DECIDES TO SHOOT HER IN AN EMBASSY. Again, WTF? He somewhat fails the attempts and shoots her leg, causing blood to spill on the ground outside the embassy. In a later scene with both Magneto and Mystique, he tells her that it’s too late for their future since they acquired her blood outside the embassy for research. WTF did he think was going to happen if he shot her INSIDE the embassy? Was he going to magnetically clean up the blood on the floor and pick up her blood dripping corpse? Get your shit together Magneto (aka writers)!


These were the immediate WTF moments for me in the movie. Again, as I said earlier, I did enjoy the movie and I do want people to go out and watch it. However if you do watch it, and you find something that contradicts what I’ve said, feel free to post it the comments below, I don’t mind if I’m corrected. It’s just some of these things immediately irked me a little after watching the movie. Also don’t get me started on Wolverine’s metal claws in the future, even though they were chopped off by the Silver Samurai in the last Wolverine movie. Let’s just say Magneto fixed it for him. Yeah….that’s it. >_>

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